Some of the exciting new tricks and tips

With time game is gaining all popularity, it is all due to its simple and easy gaming concept. The is designed by professionals and since its inception the game created a buzz in the market. Initially the game was launched for all web browsers but seeing the popularity makers decided to launch its mobile application too. With the launch of mobile application gamers are now able to play the game any time. It is one of the most interesting and exciting new game that is ruling the charts. Millions around the globe is taking wide interest in this amazing game .

There are some amazing gaming tips available online for this game. However many players are still unaware about some of its gaming strategies that can help them lead the game easily. It is always suitable to use some unique gaming strategies that are proven to ease some of you efforts. The game purpose of such game tips is to simplify the effort and make the game quite easy enough. There are times when any players get annoyed due to some hurdles or complications related to the game. Once you keep into account such amazing gaming tips it will make the process easy enough.  

The game is all about eating the smaller pellets or blobs. With time you start gaining mass on consuming every pellet. But as you keep gaining the mass your speed of moving in the grid slows down. So it is up to the player how he or she balances both the features. There are some larger blobs moving around in the grid waiting to eat you, it is your skill to evade all such situations and gain weight. Apart from that there are some green blobs also known as viruses that are meant to split any larger blobs while both comes in contact.

As player the only rule about this game is to move around in the grid and keep on eating the smaller blobs and make sure you avoid the larger ones. The game is quite easy enough but there are junctures when you feel the heat. It is important to stay calm and have patience. The game is only for the ones who have that patience and can control their nerve effectively. Make sure of viruses, corners and your size to survive as long as possible in the grid. You earn more points for surviving, so make sure you seek all possible means to carry that out.

The game is simple in concept and its addictive nature makes this game widely popular. There are some amazing cheats or hack for that can help you complete the game well before time. It is quite easy to apply and the respective codes help in finishing the level easily. Using hack or cheat is ideal when you are playing with your friends and a perfect way to surprise them. Enjoy this amazing new online game that requires your patience and implement some unique strategies.