09/17/2015 02:13

 In this age of internet and mobile there are some huge ranges of online games coming up in the market. There are some popular and reputed names coming up in the online gaming industry giving gamers a lot of thing to cheer about. There are some amazing gaming concepts and tools coming up that are enhancing your whole new gaming experience. game is a popular online game that has grown in scale with time. A simple gaming concept but it is successful in pulling the attention of millions around the world. The game is available across numerous portals and platforms to make it easy for all gaming enthusiasts. is a popular online game that comes with series of new features and specialties. If you are eager to play something really exciting and unique, is the game you should look forward. The game revolves around simple concept where every player needs to the smaller blobs or pellets available in the grid. There are some larger blobs available in the grid, make sure you avoid coming in contact with those blobs. The bigger pellets or blobs are eagerly waiting to eat you up. Make the most of all constraints or situations to survive as long as possible in the grid.

Initially it is important to gain as much mass as possible to help you survive from the bigger ones. But always remember that once you grow in size it tends to slow down your speed. So initially it may be a good idea to gain mass but with time it can be quite a tough task to move in the grid. To score more points it is ideal to split and start eating the smaller ones. Splitting up is sometimes quite effective strategy that helps you to score more, so take that into count while playing.

There are some green pellets moving around in the grid also known as viruses. Make the most of those viruses to hide from the larger blobs. If you are small in comparison to the virus you can feel safe and make the most of those to tackle larger blobs. Once you grow in size coming in contact with viruses can pop you smaller, so make sure you consider this point while moving around in the grid. Whenever you start out the only simple rule should be to keep eating as much blob as possible, this helps you to gain mass with time.

The game is easy to play but make sure you keep in mind some of the above mentioned strategies. Apart from that there are cheats or hack for that are meant to simplify the game. There are many found using this cheats to enhance their gaming experience and complete the mission well before time Using cheats or hacks you can give tough competition to all your friends while playing as a group. Take a break and play this amazing new online game from your mobile or laptop at ease, it will keep you at the edge for sure.


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